Delegate Command

Requirements: Veteran, Command, Command Presence, Persuasion d6+
You can inspire your men so they retain the leadership benefits you grant beyond your command radius. Before you split up, roll Persuasion to command your men. They retain the benefits for the first scene after you split up, +1 per success and raise. Additionally, you still grant your leadership benefits when you are unconscious or incapacitated.

-———————————————————————VS or AND————————————————————————-

You can name a Second-in-Command that grants some of your leadership benefits, but only at 5". Before you split up or when you are incapacitated while he is in your command radius, make a Persuasion roll. On a success, he also gains the benefits until you are reunited.

Second-in-Command grantable benefits: Command, Bond of Pain, Hold the Line!, (Inspire, Fervor)
Not grantable: Command Presence, My Own Leader, Spurred On, Team Leader

Delegate Command

Centralus Maynor